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As a parent or family member, it is tough to watch your student struggle academically. To learn more about academic policies and resources to support your student, review the information below based on your student’s specific needs.

My student is on Academic Warning or Suspension. What does that mean?

A student is placed on Academic Warning when their cumulative grade point average (GPA) on Auburn couarse work drops below a 2.0 at the end of any term. To learn more about ways a student can get off Academic Warning or the implications of Academic Suspension, view the Auburn Bulletin here. When a student is placed on Academic Warning or Suspension, they are not able to apply a GPA earned at another institution towards their Auburn GPA. If a student chooses to take classes at a community college for a semester, please note that the grades earned at that school will not count towards their Auburn GPA. If a student takes a semester off from Auburn, they will still be on Academic Warning when they return and will still need to meet the requirements listed in the Auburn Bulletin to no longer be on Academic Warning. If you have questions regarding how external courses transfer into Auburn or how to go about taking time off from Auburn, contact the Registrar’s office at (334) 844-2544. Your student should also maintain ongoing contact with their academic advisor to discuss their major curriculum and degree completion. Another great resource for families is the Auburn Cares office within Student Affairs. Auburn Cares staff can assist students and parents in understanding administrative policies and the implications those policies may have on a student. The Auburn Cares office can provide information to students and parents on university policies and guidance on how to navigate them. Auburn Cares staff can be reached by phone at (334) 844-1305.

My student doesn't seem motivated. Are there resources to help?

Sometimes students are not motivated because they are not interested in the course content or are in a major that is the wrong fit. The University Career Center is a great resource for students seeking advice on what options are available that fit their interests. Student Counseling & Psychological Services can help a student understand their lack of motivation and Academic Coaching can help students manage their habits to support their academic motivation. It is great for families to be aware of the many resources that are available to their student, but it is critical that the student be the one who actually seeks the resources. Think of it like the saying, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” If you sign your student up for tutoring without their willingness to go, it is likely that they will not gain much from the experience. They have to want to have the drive or passion to succeed as much as you want them to.

My student's situation (academic, mental health, medical, etc.) is complicated. What office can help me and my student identify resources that can support them?

Auburn Cares works with students to successfully navigate challenging, personal life issues, critical incidents, hardships, and emergencies that impact a student’s success and retention at Auburn.  Auburn Cares staff work with students and parents to identify obstacles and connect students and parents with campus and community resources that can help.

Are there free services available to my student to make sure they stay on track?

Yes. For example, Academic Support provides free one-on-one and drop-in peer-tutoring support through the Study Partners program. Students may also attend Supplemental Instruction (SI) if their course is an SI-supported section. Finally, Academic Coaching is a holistic support service to help students discuss study skills, time management, and goal setting. Meeting one-on-one with an Academic Coach can be helpful for all students, especially those who are recalibrating to the University after a challenging semester. Academic Coaching is a great way to help an unmotivated student to determine goals. Students may schedule an intake appointment online through Advise Assist. Students can contact their faculty member as a great first step in gaining additional support in a class. In addition to Academic Support and the faculty, the following services are available: Mathematics Help Center College of Engineering tutoring Foreign Language Multimedia Center Miller Writing Center Still not sure what resources are most relevant? Contact Academic Support via email at or by phone at (334) 844-5972 to learn more.

How do I ensure my student is taking advantage of resources available to them?

It is important to have a clear line of communication with your student and to set mutual expectations each semester. We suggest filling out the College Contract with your student to help guide these conversations. If expectations that you have for your student are not listed on this contract, we suggest creating your own together. You know your family better than anyone. If there is a specific area that is important to you, make sure it is included in the contract and discussion. Ultimately, students are responsible for their academic success. As a parent or family member, you may need to ensure that after your expectations have been made clear, you are able to have a trusting relationship with your student that includes ongoing communication. Helping your student become autonomous in their college experience is a worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor. Please encourage your student to take advantage of the many resources available to them.

How does my student find out who their advisor is?

Every student has an assigned academic advisor in their college or school. This information is available in AU Access in the top left-hand corner of the “My Academics” page.

How does my student schedule an advising appointment?

Students can schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor through Advise Assist by clicking on the Advise Assist icon in AU Access. Students are eligible to schedule Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and Advising appointments on Advise Assist.

What should my student do if they are thinking about changing their major?

Your student can always benefit from talking with the University Career Center. Their walk-in hours can be found on their website Your student can also meet with their assigned advisor or an advisor in the new major they are considering for more information. Students can schedule an appointment with their assigned Academic Advisor in Advise Assist.

My child has documentation (IEP, 504 Plan, Evaluation, etc.) that supports academic accommodations. How do we start the process of establishing academic accommodations at Auburn?

Students who self-identify with Accessibility may be eligible to receive accommodations. Students must work directly with Accessibility to determine these accommodations. Eligible students can submit the documentation to Accessibility for review. Information can be sent in whatever means is most convenient to you. Fax: (334) 844-2099. Email: Mail: 1228 Haley Center, Auburn, AL 36849. Once the information has been received and reviewed, Accessibility will contact your student at their AU Email about an accommodation appointment. For guidelines on appropriate documentation, please visit the Accessibility website. Each student’s documentation is reviewed individually and accommodation plans are unique to each student. Accommodations will be discussed/established during the accommodation appointment. Accommodation plans are flexible and changes/additions can be made at any time. All accommodations must be supported with appropriate documentation. There are no deadlines for submitting documentation. However, accommodations are not retroactive. Accessibility encourages students to submit documentation as early as possible to ensure accommodations are in place prior to the beginning of the semester.

My child has an official diagnosis and struggles with time management and organization. Beyond academic accommodations, are there Academic Coaches with a background in working with students with disabilities?

Yes. Accessibility offers the SKILL program, which is an academic coaching program for students with learning differences and ADD/ADHD. SKILL is NOT an accommodation and there is an extra fee to participate in this program. SKILL coaches meet with individual students on a weekly basis and provide assistance with time management, accountability, and organization and study skills. For more information about SKILL please visit this website or contact Shanna Brodbeck at

What are additional accommodations the Accessibility office can provide?

Service Dogs are allowed in campus residence halls, classroom buildings, and dining facilities. No documentation is needed for a Service Dog, but the Accessibility encourages students with Service Dogs to notify their office about the dog. Your student can contact Accessibility at (334) 844-2096 or Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are allowed in on-campus residence halls with supporting documentation. At this time, ESAs are NOT allowed in academic classrooms/labs. Please submit ESA documentation to the Accessibility: Fax: (334) 844-2099. Email: Mail: 1228 Haley Center, Auburn, AL 36849. Students with dietary/nutrition needs can be accommodated through the Accessibility and Campus Dining. Once documentation is received and reviewed, the student will be directed to the on-campus Nutritionist to discuss their unique needs.

What is the Grade Adjustment Policy (GAP)?

Auburn has a grade adjustment policy (GAP) that allows students to forgive three grades of D or F from their GPA calculation. If the course is required in the major or core then the course must be retaken at Auburn. This forgiveness policy can be used only three times in the entire time at Auburn. All AU course grades appear on the official transcript, including those grades adjusted. GAPPED grades do not count towards scholarships or entrance into professional schools. All grades earned will continue to be on a student’s transcript.

Last modified: July 20, 2023