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By using realistic estimates of the cost of your student’s education and planning ahead, you can make financial decisions that best suit your family. We want to help you find the answers you need so your student can concentrate on succeeding at Auburn and you can be confident knowing your son or daughter is getting an excellent education that fits your budget.

Staff members in the Office of Student Financial Services help students and their families with loans and grants, FAFSA information, and scholarships.


eBill is Auburn University’s convenient, reliable and easy-to-use system for paying and managing your student’s Student Financial Services (Bursar) bill online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your student can register you as an Authorized User on their eBill account so you have access to view records and pay bills. You can also schedule and automate payments.

Cost Calculator

The Auburn University Cost Calculator is designed to help you estimate cost of attendance at Auburn by calculating tuition, fees and housing charges against financial aid awards for which your student may qualify.

Sample Budgets

Knowing how much college will cost is a huge piece to college success. Below are three real-life examples of different students to give you an idea of what parents paid per semester to send their son or daughter to Auburn. Please note that these are just examples to help you form a semester budget with your student, not set-in-stone recommendations.

Student A: Lives off-campus, is a member of a Panhellenic sorority, from in-state

Student B: Lives on-campus, is a non-Greek student, from out-of-state

Student C: Lives in fraternity house on campus, is a member of the Interfraternity Council, from in-state

Budget Worksheet

The Semester Budget can help you plan your student’s expenses throughout the entire semester.

Student Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services helps students and parents navigate funding the college experience.

Financial Aid Tips

Financial Aid Forms and Documents


University Scholarships is dedicated to helping students find a way to achieve their higher education goals. A number of scholarships are awarded annually, including four-year renewable Freshman Scholarships for incoming freshmen and one-year General Scholarships for new and current students. Departmental Scholarships are also awarded each year to new and current students by the various colleges and schools on campus. In addition, External Scholarships are applied directly to students’ university billing accounts.

The Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM) provides a variety of scholarships to eligible students. Students can easily search, review requirements, apply and accept awards for available scholarship opportunities, and more.

Last modified: July 20, 2023